Baby Are You Crazy?

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Baby Are You Crazy

Bobby Syvarth feat. Josh Dion and SGAR


Baby Are You Crazy

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My new single, Baby Are You Crazy was co-written and performed with Josh Dion, and produced by SGAR.  It's a crazy song about love, or a love song about crazy! Love can be a game or a sport, and this song pays homage to some of the craziest sports moments of all time, from the Thrilla in Manila, to John McEnroe's “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS” meltdown. Al Michaels asked: “Do you believe in miracles?”  Pat Benatar said “Love Is a Battlefield.”  Queen told us it's “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”  "You Make Loving Fun' was the great message from Fleetwood Mac.  We had a lot of fun and poured a lot of love into this song…digging into our late 70's disco/funk/pop influences and adding some modern electronic and synth sounds to the mix.  I hope you love it! -Bobby

It was an absolute thrill to collaborate with Josh Dion and SGAR on this tune. I'm a huge fan of both of these guys, who are so creative and prolific, each putting out some of the coolest music happening here and now. I was very lucky to spend my birthday in November of 2019 in Barcelona, Spain and as fate would have it, Josh Dion was in town doing a gig with his group paris_monster. Like most people, I was blown away and inspired by the amazing show they put on. I hadn't seen Josh since way back in the day when we were both playing regularly at Sarah Street Grill in Pennsylvania. It was great to reconnect. Three months later when we were all locked down due to Covid, I was diving into home production with Logic Pro on my Mac, and listening to a lot of paris_monster. I started putting the basic tracks to Baby Are You Crazy together with some guitars and synths, I had often thought it would be a fun time to have Josh come in on. Fast forward to 2023 and we finally got together in the studio to make it happen... June 19, 2023 to be exact, at SGAR's Forbidden Studios. SGAR was that next essential element to pull the vision together. SGAR is one half to the electronic duo Ash Nova, and SGAR's 'Far From Home' with Morgin Madison was the number 1 song in North America for three weeks on SiriusXM BPM in September 2021. SGAR's musicianship and artistry run deep, and in addition to engineering and producing the tune, he added his unmistakable vocal talents to the track in a burst of creativity and inspiration in the studio.

Josh Dion is a Brooklyn based drummer, singer, songwriter and producer. He is one half of the synth duo paris_monster, which features a unique setup incorporating drums and synth while singing. “Beyond this visual impossibility is a careful and deliberate balance of frequencies, colors, and textures. Melodies to serve a story. Chaos to destroy preciousness.” paris_monster’s latest release “Lamplight” is available on all platforms. Aside from paris_monster, Dion’s solo performances have been featured in online videos such as Tam Tam drum festival, Little Big Beat and Drumeo. He has also recently performed with John Scofield, Jim Campilongo, Wayne Krantz, Esperanza Spalding, Lucius, NPR’s “Live from Here” featuring Chris Thile, and has been a guest drummer on Late Night with Seth Myers. “... the work of a highly skilled, soulful and rare musical voice.” - modern drummer

Born and raised in New Jersey, SGAR’s childhood was a combination of beach and city, as he spent a lot of time on the infamous Jersey Shore while also exploring New York City. “It was a good balance to be able to later write about my youth, where I take a lot of inspiration for my music,” he explains. “It was a freeing, youthful rebellion type of a childhood.” While SGAR was very active in sports, he also found music, first learning the drums at eight years old. “My uncle had this TAMA drum kit,” he remembers, “and so I picked up the drums and started doing a simple beat.” Shortly thereafter, he picked up the guitar. By 12, he and his friends learned how to record music, and once SGAR reached his high school years he began to record other artists’ in his home—a job he still carries to this day. It wasn’t long before he wanted to hone his own craft as a musician. Always questioning normalcy and status quo, SGAR would find new and inventive ways to manifest the kind of music he wanted to create, on his own terms. At 16, SGAR joined a metal band as a vocalist and guitarist, doubling duties with another local band as well. After graduation, he enrolled in Stevens Institute and Technology—majoring in Music and Technology—while holding a recording and publishing deal with his then new band. “That band was where I learned how to grind and play every club in New York and what it was like to travel across the country,” he says. “I really cut my teeth with them.” Music was all around him, as he also joined New Jersey’s famed small performance space Maxwell’s as the sound engineer. “It was a good way to make money, meet new people and perform on stage whenever I wanted to,” SGAR fondly recalls. “Plus free food and drinks are my favorite things on the planet.” Above all, it allowed for SGAR to see where his musical career lives, which are in two different paths of both creating music and producing it. “Being behind the scenes or at the front of the stage is the same headspace for me,” he adds. After graduation, he left the band, and was searching for his identity. In 2018, SGAR submitted a song called “Block The Sun” for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, a track about self-identity. “I remember I was snowboarding in either Utah or Colorado, and I got phone service halfway down the mountain,” he remembers, “so I checked my email and I won!” The mission was to keep going, and with gumption, talent and passion, SGAR is geared to level up. Combining elements of Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop and Lo-Fi, SGAR masterfully weaves together sounds, inspired by artists like Chris Cornell, Lady Gaga, Twenty One Pilots, The 1975 and David Bowie, with flecks of Prince and songwriter Max Martin. The combination has created a unique, explosive Pop sound unlike most artists out today. His newly inked deal with daMp iNteractive will help push his music forward. His first release, “Don’t Go Outside,” was a double-meaning track dropped in the midst of the pandemic. Soon after, “Signs” & “Warming Up” were released and are equally meaningful. “This is a really special group of songs for me,” he explains, as he penned the song from the standpoint of someone who was suffering from depression. “Cease & Exist” will set the stage for what’s to come from SGAR’s incredibly bright career. “I just want my fans to feel something,” he humbly advises. “Happy, sad, pissed off, mad, as long as they’re feeling. And if they happen to connect with it, I hope the music stands the test of time with them instead of just being a phase.”


Like the Thrilla in Manila

And The Shot Heard Around the World

Do you believe in miracles

Baby Are You Crazy

Baby Are You Crazy Crazy Crazy


Do you believe in love at first sight

The Immaculate Reception

Baby don't put up a fight

I wanna take you home with me tonight

She said Baby Are You Crazy

Baby Are You Crazy Crazy Crazy


In a world like this you know better

Nothing comes without a price

Here and now if not forever

Cling to whatever gets us by

I can't believe every letter

You've got your truth and I got mine

But I feel a spark when we're together

I can see it in your eyes

Is it just me?

Oh baby you must be


Like Phi Slama Jama

Magic and Bird baby

You cannot be serious 

Baby Are You Crazy

Baby Are You Crazy Crazy Crazy

Is it just me?



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